CGDA2019 视觉传达设计奖征集作品

背景  Background


CGDA Visual Communication Design Award 2019 intends to collect graphic design communication and visual design works from design institutions, designers and students majoring in design from fine art academies in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese all over the world.As a top design award in China’s visual communication design circle, it is committed to building an international professional design platform, exploring the new development of global design, discovering excellent design force at home and abroad and creating values for the development of Chinese design undertaking.

举办单位  Host Units


Sponsored by: CGDA 
Undertaken by: Organizing Committee of CGDA Visual Communication Design Award 2019

参赛资格  Entry Rules






The entries must be the works that created recently, which can be submitted by any company or individual participating in creation of the works. Any scam ads, tendered works or experimental works will not be accepted. Please submit the works in any of four forms: flat design, PS sketch design, 3D render design and real object photography photos with high quality. 

* Note: All competitors submit their works at their own will. Quantity is unlimited.





The entries must be the works which were completed by postgraduates, undergraduates, junior college and polytechnic school graduates or the above students at school. Students’ works can be the design works which have been applied or the exercised works which have not been applied. The graduates of 2019 can participate in the competition.

* Note: All competitors submit their works at their(group)own will. Quantity is unlimited.

参赛类别  Competing Category

A 品牌形象 Brand Image
标志 Logo
吉祥物 Mascot
形象系统 Visual Identity

B 包装设计 Package Design 
应用包装 Package Design

C 推广用品及出版物 Promotional Design &Publication
Book, Album, Newspaper, Magazine, Conceptual Publication
Greeting Card, Invitation Card, Institute Annual Report, Direct Mail,Others

D 海报设计 Poster
艺术海报 Art Posters
活动与展览海报 Events & Exhibitions
公益海报 Public Benefit Posters

E 文字设计 Typography
字体设计 Typeface
创意字型 Logotype

F 插图设计 Illustration
手绘插图 Hand-painted illustrations
数字插画 Digital illustration

G 环境图形 Environmental Graphic
空间图形运用 Space graphics
展示设计 Display design
导视系统设计 Sign System Design

H 多媒体 Multimedia
网站 Website
Interface(APP& Others Electronic Product Interface)
广告影视 Movie, Video Intro
动画短片 Animated Short Film

奖项设置  Award Setting


We set up Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Excellent Award and Finalist Award. CGDA Visual Communication Design Award 2019 will also set up Grand Award, Outstanding Guiding Teachers and Outstanding Organization. The awards will be announced on the official website and major media. All the winners shortlisted will receive the award certificate. The excellent awarded works will be exhibited on the official website.

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