Alia Bright设计的旋转三维字体作品

       设计师Alia Bright结合了她在插图、美术和平面设计方面的背景,创建了具有明亮渐变模式的连锁文本作品。循环的字母是由纸和胶水组成的,并与几个不同的砝码创建,以增加视觉纹理的效果。对于布莱特来说,一个成功的作品的诀窍是找到一个最佳的点,在这个点上,纸张的三维部分突出了字体,反之亦然。她向giant解释说:“当我做到这一点时,我觉得一件作品是成功的。”我试图保持适当的风格简洁,同时仍然通过颜色、图案和阴影创造视觉趣味。

All images provided by Alia BrightPortland-based designer Alia Bright creates interlocking text with bright gradient patterns that combine her background in illustration, fine art, and graphic design. The looping letters are formed from paper and glue, and are created with several different weights and stocks to add a visual texture to the graphic presentation. For Bright, the trick to a successful work is finding the sweet spot where the three-dimensional aspect of the paper highlights the lettering, and vice versa. “I feel a piece is successful when I achieve this, which requires a lot of restraint,she explains to Colossal. I try to maintain the right level of stylistic simplicity while still creating visual interest through color, pattern, and shadows.You can see more of Bright’s paper text on her website and Instagram.

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