Nicole Dextras设计的维多利亚时代的冷冻服装

     由Nicole Dextras设计的花束是由15件让人联想到插花的冷冻衣服组成的,它的美丽是迷人的,也是不祥的。这束花是用冰做的,这件冰衣在冬天的森林里引起了巨大的轰动,几天后就不见了。这件冰衣是在加拿大阿尔伯塔省班夫中心举行的右旋糖皮质糖艺术作品展上几天创作出来的。Dextras会在每晚气温最低的时候向衣服上喷水,以形成正确的冰柱结构,并将衣服粘合成一个大型的装置。和她的许多冷冻装置一样,这幅作品没有留下任何痕迹,而是作为后续的照片系列保存下来。

Bouquet by Nicole Dextras is a composition of 15 frozen garments reminiscent of a floral arrangement, however the beauty is intended to be both enchanting and foreboding. The alluring collection of Victorian dresses was created to appear more like Venus flytraps rather than to reference romance, and speaks to mythical man-eating trees described in science fiction texts like J. W. Buel’s 1887 text Sea and Land. “Today we understand the use of symmetry and patterning in nature as a survival skill,Dextras tells Colossal. “Birds and flowers in particular seem to go for the ‘big display’ to attract a mate and humans in our vanity, are susceptible to the same spell of wonder. This bouquet however was made with ice; it made its big splash in the wintery forest and within a few days it was gone.”The collection of frozen garments was created over the course of several days during Dextras’s art residency at Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Dextras would spray the forms with water each night when temperatures were at their lowest to build up the right composition of icicles, and bond the garments into one large installation. Like many of her frozen installations, the work leaves no trace and is instead preserved as a subsequent photo series. You can find more of her work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram. (via Hi Fructose)

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